Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

Rousseau offers durable, heavy-duty products that can scale up or down in line with your business needs! The ability to personalize these products is one of the great advantages of choosing Rousseau. Preconfigured models are available, but these models are only suggestions and they can easily be tailored to meet your specific requirements!

The combination of drawers in a cabinet can be changed, accessories can be added or removed, or the number and layout of compartments can be modified. If you want to change the drawer configuration, you will need to work within the cabinet’s height. If the total height of the drawers of the model you are interested in is 34″, you can choose a number of drawers in different heights, but the combined total cannot exceed 34″. The same principle of working within the space available also applies to other dimensions.

It is also possible to play around with other Rousseau lines, such as workbenches, shelving, the TekZone hutch and multipurpose stands. Do you want an extra shelf on your shelving, shelf dividers, more or fewer computer supports on your workbench? Perhaps you want to change the type of work surface or add a riser shelf? We will listen to your requirements and offer you a product that truly meets your needs.

You can also choose from 20 standard colors to ensure that your storage solution harmonizes with your brand colors or décor. Colors can also be combined in the same product. For example, you can choose one color for the cabinet and a different color for the drawers or have each individual drawer a different color!

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