Take a look at the sequence of images below! They help illustrate just how easy it is to install a prefabricated shelter!


Here is how the install went down:

  1. The steel shelter arrived on the back of a flat bed truck. To facilitate the off loading process the shelter is held off the surface of the truck with structural steel tubes temporarily attached to base plates at the middle and each end.
  2. A forklift is used to lift the shelter and temporary steel tubes are removed. The shelter is then placed on a series of dollies to enable the crew to move the shelter into position over the existing concrete slab.
  3. The dollies are then removed and fasteners are installed through pre-drilled holes in the base plate to secure the shelter in place.

Installation of this 16’x24′ shelter with 360º factory glazing, architectural standing seam roof and photo cell powered lighting was completed in less than 3 hours!

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