3 Reasons To Redesign Your Warehouse Layout!


After remodeling, moving, or building your warehouse and getting settled in, there are usually a few revelations about places where the old design was hurting their ability to work efficiently and cost effectively. If they had discovered them in advance, it would have been a priority to address them. 

That’s where we come in! Typically people come to Stor-Tec USA with warehouse layout design questions because they are building, expanding or moving!


Here are some things to keep an eye out for!

  1. Misappropriated Space
    When looking at current warehouse utilization, it’s common to find slack and over-utilized spaces and usually both in the same facility. While the slack space is simply wasteful, over-utilized space often leads to decreased productivity and higher risk for product damage and employer injury. Having to dig out product and not being able to access heavy items with a lift are symptoms of over-utilized space. Addressing it early instead of waiting for it to become an issue is the least expensive path.
  2. Constant Cost Increases
    It wouldn’t be unlikely to trace cost increases to warehouse design problems. As more material is being handled and more employees being brought in, there should not be any increase in the warehouse costs beyond anticipated maintenance. But a poorly designed warehouse requires constant attention and adjustments as the workload increases. At some point, someone needs to say, “Enough!”
  3. Workflow and Process Collisions
    It isn’t unusual to discover workers at odds at work, but your warehouse layout should not be a contributing reason for it. A poorly designed facility will create collision points that impede natural workflows and processes. This not only decreases productivity, but also morale.

Have you encountered any of the above in your warehouse or material handling facility layout? If so, give us a call at Stor-Tec USA and let’s see what can be done to reduce costs and increase productivity in your facility!