Keep Your Facility Safe & Secure!

A WireCrafters Driver and Building Access Cages should be your next addition to your warehouse!



Any untrained person that enters your facility can be an insurance risk. They could unknowingly walk into active and dangerous areas of your warehouse floor. Failing to restrict building access increases your risk for potential accidents in your facility. 


Protect Visitors

Prevent Unauthorized Access

Prevent Injury

Keep Facility Contents Secure


WireCrafters Driver Cage is simple and is a cost effective way of controlling access to your warehouse. It keeps visitors confined preventing them from wandering into dangerous areas or gaining access to inventory or other facility equipment.


PLUS You have the ability to customize to your specific needs!


Service windows are common to include in driver cages. This allows for easy transfers of shipping documents, credentials, and provides a counter for writing purposes.



A steel bench is also ideal. This allows seating inside of the secured area and is convenient for those who end up having to wait!


The benefits of a WireCrafters Driver and Building Access Cage are endless!

Don’t wait till an accident happens to make safety a priority!

Contact Stor-Tec today with any questions and let us help fulfill your project needs!