MultiTek Cart

The MultiTek Cart is an ergonomic and multi-purpose cart. Not only does it transport tools, parts and other items, it also functions as a small portable workstation.


Many configurations are possible, ranging from minimalist to fully equipped. A wide range of accessories are also available making it easy to customize this cart to your needs!



Distinctive Features

  • Lockable Security Cover – Opens 90° for unrestricted access to the work surface.

  • Comfortable & Ergonomic Handles

  • Front or Side Drawers 4″H – Transport tools safely and securely. Drawers feature a lock-in mechanism to keep them closed – 50lb load capacity per drawer.

  • Roll-Out Shelf – Expand your work surface area by adding a roll-out shelf.

  • Vertical Bumpers – Protect object from accidental bumps.

  • Finishing Panels, Utility Panels, or Plastic Bin Panels – Customize with these convenient accessories.

  • Superior Quality 3″ Casters


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