Colored tape offers more than just a pop of color! There are many reasons to use colored tape that are directly linked to security, productivity, and the branding of your product or business!


Using colored tape is an easy way for your end user to tell if your box has been tampered with. If your box has been opened by someone else it will most likely be resealed with clear tape making it obvious that it’s been tampered with. Not often do people have colored tape sitting around to seal boxes. This also deters anyone from tampering with your package since it can’t be resealed like it was originally.


Within a company different colors can be used to designate specific items or products. Colored tape is a quick visual way to know what is in a sealed package without opening it. Certain colors can be linked to size, flavor, or type of products. This makes visual recognition, sorting, and even organization extremely easy and it will you save time!


Using colored carton sealing tape will make your packages stand out compared to all the other packages your end user/customer will receive. Picking a color that matches your logo or company colors to seal your packages can help your end user/customer know it’s yours without needing to read any labels or open the box. Colored tape will make your packages easily visually recognizable!


White Black Red Yellow Orange Green Blue

2 Mil Hand Application

2″ x 110 yds 36 Rolls / Case
3″ x 110 yds 24 Rolls / Case

2 Mil Machine Application

2″ x 1,000 yds 6 Rolls / Case
3″ x 1,000 yds 4 Rolls / Case

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