A significant challenge when planning and expanding your warehouse is the mezzanine ladder position. Often these will block truck paths that would otherwise be open areas. Fortunately the folks at Vestile Manufacturing have begun production of an industrial strength folding mezzanine ladder that folds up vertically flat when not in use.

Vestile-folding-mezzanine-ladder-109x300The Vestile folding mezzanine ladder folds flat and out of the way when not in use. Wheels at the base provide for free and easy movement when opening and folding the ladder between its two locked positions.

Handrails mechanically rise into the climbing position when the ladder is open (extended) and are easily locked into position for safe use. Steps are 24-inches wide and you can choose between non-skid perforated or grip strut tread steps. Rated 350-pound capacity at 8-foot mezzanine height or under with other capacities dependent on mezzanine height. Design allows for quick installation and a mounting bracket is provided for either bolt-on or welded installation. Customizable and configurable for specific applications. Powder-coated blue and yellow. Meets or exceeds all OSHA requirements according to manufacturer.

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Safe – Easy to Install – Economical
Made by Vestile Manufacturing Corporation
Sold by Stor-Tec USA